Traffilog's Connected Vehicle Platform: Connect, Monitor, and Control Your Fleet.

Flexibility and scalability by design
Expand your portfolio quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging the power of the Traffilog platform. We ensure optimal flexibility for partners and customers. In addition, all new development and know-how from the variety of use cases we support across different segments is incorporated into the delivery of our technologies.

Traffilog Platform overview

It’s up to the requirements of the particular project to discuss whether to use all or part of the platform modules.

Vehicle connectivity for every use case

Plug & play vehicle connectivity

With the diversity of use cases and needs for data, the need for hardware and software is present at all levels of the market, from OEMs to company fleets and mobility services. Traffilog can help to establish the desired link to connect to any vehicle via industry-leading hardware and software.

Direct hardware-free link to vehicles

Connecting to millions of vehicles through our partner network is already enabled for every single customer and partner eligible for it. We are taking care of all steps required for them to gain access to the vehicles, thus making it easier than ever to get connected. The data feeds directly into the platform.

Platform powered by the modern cloud engine

Scalable microservice architecture

The microservice architecture scales with the needs of the solution. It is possible to select only microservices required for a project and to add a new microservice to the cluster at any time and it will be working seamlessly with the rest.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

A fundamental element of the platform’s architecture is the use of APIs to enrich functionality and elevate the user experience. APIs are essential to ensure personalization, data management, data analytics, and integrations.
Accessibility of data and services at any level
Standardizing internal integrations
Integrate to 3rd party interfaces
Optimized for performance and scale

Explore the digital world powered by Traffilog but adapted to your business

We offer a variety of web, mobile, or in-vehicle user interfaces off-the-shelf as well as API documentation that will enable you to utilise data in your own applications.
Web, mobile, or in-vehicle applications
White-label customization
Fast and simple localization

SaaS tools

In addition to the powerful platform, we are providing a set of SaaS tools to support key processes for implementing, managing, and improving the operations of our customers and partners.

Digital agreements

Consent management engine adapting user agreements to the service and use case

Business intelligence

A customizable BI setup to help keep track of and improve operations

Subscription management

Adjustable subscriptions to adapt to the selected model and ease billing

User management

Set user management on auto-pilot and interfere whenever required

In-product onboarding

Secure a great start for customers by utilizing in-product onboarding flows and help center articles

Smart assistant

Automation of administrative and reporting tasks to ease operations

Access management

Flexibility in administrating access grants to adapt to any structure.

Support overview

Having control of support operations when actions are necessary

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