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Delivering solutions that enable the safer, greener, and smarter future of mobility

As a solutions partner, we are bringing our overall expertise and support every step of the way to achieve the results our partners and customers strive towards. From designing a strategy based on first-hand knowledge of trends and industry needs to delivering the required products and services, and helping in the ongoing implementation of any projects utilizing the power of connected vehicles.
Everyone at Traffilog commits to customers’ goals and aspirations and is excited to push forward into new spaces.

Powerful platform designed to enable connected vehicle services at scale

Run your service the way you need it. From plug & play data sources to cloud services and ready-to-use applications, Traffilog offers a flexible and scalable platform that provides the complete infrastructure to build your solution on:
  • Connect vehicles in a universal and seamless way via plug&play telematics solutions or direct hardware-free links to vehicles, across brands, models, and types.
  • Select the cloud services and applications that will run your solution, all with our support and guidance to achieve ultimate results.
We are continuously adding capabilities to the platform, thus connecting it to the leading technology of today and tomorrow.

Providing the backbone to your unique project at any stage of development

The revolution of connected vehicles and data-driven services has begun and will change the shape of the ecosystem as we know it. At Traffilog, we strive to understand the unique needs of every customer and be the enabler that they are looking for today and in the future.
Whether you are searching for innovative ways to optimize your fleet, drive customer retention and loyalty, or make vehicles more attractive, you get the tools to work for you. Traffilog has a long history of delivering data-driven solutions for fleet and mobility operators across a variety of segments.

As a solutions partner, we make the complex simple.

Assist in designing the strategy
Clarify needs and deliver solutions
Onboarding and training
Support the ongoing implementation

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